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Unable to edit variations / Price mistmatches

  • Two issues: 1) We’re unable to edit variations for products as it goes into a continuous spin/loop. 2) Prices are also mismatching. Please see screencast of the first issue:

  • Any help? Is this a free version issue?

  • This reply won’t help your issue, but hopefully will help with the process…

    1. Responses may take a while here for free versions. In trying to find a solution for my problem, I’ve seen responses with a two week lapse or more.

    2. You might need to share your ACF settings. I really don’t know what I’m looking at, but maybe you have some conditional logic settings, and one of those might be causing the issue.

    3. You will also probably have to share any code you are using in your template.

    4. If you are like me, I don’t know if I’m explaining my issue clearly enough or even have it under the right topic to be answered. So continuing the search might still be our best option. Good luck.

  • Replying to the any help and @sib’s response to that. This a a forum where you’re getting help from other users and not the developers of the plugin. There are some users like myself that spend a lot of time here attempting to help others with their problems. I do try to look at every question and it really doesn’t matter if you’re using the free version of the premium version.

    As far as your question goes. Honestly, I can’t really tell what I’m looking at or what the problem is or even what to ask in order to get more information. The problem is just not really explained clearly enough.

    Maybe answering some of these question will let someone help you.

    What are the location rules of your field group? What type of field are you having the issue with? What do you expect to happen? What is happening?

  • The problem is that now when clicking on the Variations option within parent products, it does not load as shown in the video. In other words it just stays in a continuous load without allowing us to select, edit, change anything in Variations.

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