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Unable to edit field once created

  • After upgrading to WP 3.8 I can’t seem to update fields in ACF. I can create fields, but any edits including changing their names or their order via drag-and-drop disappear once I click Update. This also applies to sub-fields in repeaters.

  • Hi @Bienfeo

    I can confirm that ACF 4.3.2 is working correctly with WP 3.8

    Is it possible that you have a plugin / theme code conflict which is preventing ACF from saving data?

    Perhaps you could deactivate all plugins / revert to default theme to test?


  • It looks like the host (Dreampress) installed memcached ( around the same time, I’m wondering if that’s the issue, I’ve contacted them to see how I should go about disabling that plugin to see if that’s the cause of the problem.

    Thanks for the response,

    – Eric

  • I didn’t hear back from Dreamhost, but disabling the Memcached drop-in plugin by renaming wp-content/object-cache.php to worked for me, everything seems fine again. If you’d like me to send you more information about my Dreampress setup with them, let me know.

    Thanks again for your quick response and also for your work on this plugin.

    – Eric

  • I’ve been struggling with this same problem for ages and can confirm that disabling Memcachier/Memcached resolves it for me too.

    As a side note, Memcachier/Memcached is really useful when doing development in Heroku environment and it should be on for live sites (with Batcache or similar), but it’s easier to keep it off for the duration of the development. Also updating WP messes everything up, but flushing the memory cache resolves that.

  • Just a quick note: had I found this post, it would have saved me 4 hours of research.

    – would you mind putting a simple warning message (with explanation) on top of “create_options” in case a “cache-object.php” file exists? (just simply verify what we experienced by installing it and trying to change the default value of an ACF after having “memcached” installed)



  • Hi @gunny

    You will need to explain this a bit more clearly, I don’t understand what ‘create_options’ you are refering to, or what in case a “cache-object.php” file exists or what and where the warning message would be.


  • Hi @elliot!

    It’s exactly what @Bienfeo and @unkulunkulu have already described. But let me try to be a bit more precise (and correct) on this issue:

    In case a file with the name “wp-content/object-cache.php” exists (which is provided by the quite common “Memcached” plugin “”, version 2.0.2), then updating of ACF values will fail (not creation though!).

    I was wondering if you could emit a simple pointer to this issue at the top of the ACF management section in the backend (“wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=acf”, which integrates the “create_options” method from each field type). That place would be where you get stuck in case you have an “wp-content/object-cache.php” installed and you could simply tell people:

    If you are unable to update ACF values, please try removing or renaming the file “wp-content/object-cache.php” from your installation.



  • Hi @gunny

    Thanks for the follow up.
    I’ll have a look to see if there is a way to ‘refresh’ the memcache file, and fix the issue completely.


  • That would be even better – thanks @elliot!

  • Hi @elliot!

    It’s me once again. The simple solution would be the one displayed here

    So the following would work for me:

    echo ‘flush_all’ | nc localhost 11211

    or in PHP something like this:

    if ( file_exists( WP_CONTENT_DIR . ‘/object-cache.php’ ) &&
    $fp = fsockopen(“localhost”, 11211, $errno, $errstr, 30) ) {
    fwrite($fp, “flush_all\r\n”);
    $output = ”;
    while (!feof($fp))
    $output .= fgets($fp, 128);
    // do whatever you want with $output… what you should get is “OK”



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