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Unable to Display Group Fields on Front End

  • Hi there,

    I am trying to use a group field with 2 sub fields (an image and a WYSIWYG text box) but I am unable to get anything to display front-end. Tried both examples from documentation here.

    Here’s a screen shot of my group:
    Group settings

    Here’s my code:

    	<?php if( have_rows('meet_sherry') ): // check if there are buy links
    			echo '<h3>Meet Sherry</h3>';
    			while( have_rows('meet_sherry') ): the_row(); 
    						$aimage = get_sub_field('author_image'); //Get Cover ?>
    									<img src="<?php echo $aimage['url']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $aimage['alt']; ?>" />
    						<?php if ( get_sub_field('introduction_text') ):
    							echo the_sub_field('introduction_text');
    			endwhile;  // ends affiliation repeater
    		endif; ?>
  • try with adding

    $term = get_queried_object();
    $aimage = get_sub_field('author_image',$term);
  • Thanks. I added this and had to put in a wp_reset_query (instead of reset post data) at the end of the previous call. Seems to be working now!

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