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Unable to access "Account"

  • Hi Elliot, great work on the ACF5. We’ve been trying out the beta and it looks awesome. However, when trying to log in to my account here on the site im experiencing some weird things.

    If i try to login using the front end form it says that my credentials are incorrect, but if i go to the /wp-admin i can login.

    If i login this way, i’m logged in the forum parts but when requesting the /store/accounts/ page i’m served a 404 (Sorry, this page was not found…)

    I’ve also done a succesfull reset on my password through the ‘Forgot password’-form but with no luck.

    I’ve bought most of the previous add-ons so I think that that would allow me to download the new PRO version of v5, right?

    Not sure if im doing something wrong or what’s happening, so if you could take a look that would be great. We’re starting of a new project today and would really like to use V5 from start of course 😉

  • Same here, locked myself out too 🙂

  • Hello,
    Same Here,

    I can login to support forum, but can’t login to my account.
    I really like to show what’s news on ACF5 pro.

    I try to use forgot password but, i didn’t recieve the mail.

    Thank you

  • Hey guys.

    Sorry about the account issues. It looks like the WooCommerce migration did not like the passwords from shopp….

    Please email [email protected] with your user info, and I’ll manually reset you p/w.


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