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Unable add media

  • Hello

    I’ve inherited this site from another designer who has gone awol. I’m coming in on top of their work so haven’t a clue how they structured things. But I have a problem with ACF (which is central to the site). I can’t upload anything – thumbnails or images. Plus I cant’ get into edit the ACF settings.

    I’ve tried:

    1. Switching the other plugins off
    2. Re-installing the plugin

    If you could help me out I’d be so appreciative.

  • Hi @Gridlock

    What do you mean by ‘edit the settings’? Do you mean, there is no ‘Custom Fields’ menu item to edit the field groups? If so, perhaps the developer has hidden the menu item with some code in the functions.php file or added the constant for ACF_LITE. These are 2 common ways of removing the menu item.

    If you can’t add an image, it is most likely you have a JS error on the page. Open your console log and look for errors on page load and on button click.


  • Thanks for all your advice here.

    I’ve had a look for the code that hides ACF and it’s not there.
    My problem is that none of the radio buttons on the back end
    work, which is a problem I’m experiencing with the posts also.

    What came up on Google web tools however is:

    tb_show is not defined

    I saw you had another inquiry about this but this was perhaps solved by a fresh install. You have any advice here?


  • Hi @Gridlock

    Without looking through the website’s code and debugging the problem, I can’t offer much other advice apart from contacting the original developer and asking them about the issue.

    Good luck


  • Hello E

    As I mentioned in my introduction, the original developer has gone AWOL, slang for missing; for the sake of clarity. Therefor I don’t have the option of contacting them.

    I’m sure what ever conflict that’s happening with this site has nothing to do with your work and can appreciate that beyond answering questions directly about the plugin, you’re not here to give full service.

    With my limited knowledge and skills I will endeavour to carry on and find a solution to the problem AND if I do find it, I will be sure to benefit you and your community by posting it here.

    Many thanks for your time.

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