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Ul list idea

  • I am creating a website for scholar projects and students should be able to reference other people work as bibliography. Idea for new ACF possibility is to have ul list which will expand when all current lines are used. Something like

    Reference for a book looks like this: Adams, R. J.,Weiss, T.D. and Coatie, J.J., 2010. The World Health Organisation, its history and impact. London: Perseus.

    … so there should be a possibility to use italics for book titles.

    So if you like this idea great, if not… well, I guess I should stick with wysiwyg editor. Is it at least possible to restrict everything but italic button(so it doesnt look cluttered to users and so that they wont have the freedom to use something inappropriate)?

  • This can be done with a repeater field which allows the editor to add new rows. You could use a wysiwyg field for each entry or you could have individual columns for author, date, title, etc and then format each one when displaying the fields on the front end.

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