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UL list from custom taxonomies

  • Have multiple ACF galleries with 100+ items. Each image attachment has simple custom taxonomy (artist). No problem getting the taxonomy term for an individual item. But, how can I count the individual values of the terms and create a ul list based of ONLY the unique values? Count would be good too, but not necessary. Ie, artist1 (3), artist2 (4), etc. get_terms() doesn’t work since all artists may not appear within the current query loop.

  • The only way that I can think of to do this is to loop over them all, get the terms and build an array of artists where

    $artists = array(
      $artist_ID => $count

    where the term ID for each artist is the array index and the you increment that array index for each one you find.

    if (!isset($artists[$term_id])) {
      $artists[$term_id] = 0;

    Then the indexes are the unique values and the value of each index is the count.

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