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Two subfields in collapsed view

  • Hi, is it possible to add another sub-field (besides the one sub-field that is standard) to the collapsed view of a repeater field? I’d like to add a column for an on/off active-state that should be immediately visible by the author.
    Please see the mock-ups to help understand my question.
    Any help or guidance really appreciated!
    Thanks in advance and regards,

  • Re-upping this. It’d be a nice feature…

  • This is possible.

    1) Set the first field you want to show using the setting. You must choose at least one field to make the collapse work.

    2) In all other fields that you want to show add the class “-collapsed-target”

    This will cause the fields to display in block/stacked, not on a single line. It is possible to add custom CSS to the admin to make these fields float and show on a single line.

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