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Two Input Fields for the same Backend-Field

  • The Situation is like this:

    I want to give the user the possibility to upload an audio-file OR to just paste a Link to an audio-file that is hosted somewhere on the internet.
    So all in all it is a question of how to have a Custom Field Value manipulated before beeing stored into the database.

    My Idea was, to add a snippet of Code somewhere to parse the Uploaded Audio-File Element from the Upload-Option to store only the Element->URL Value so that i can store that into the second field (Link-Option).

    But how to do that kind of thing, or does someone have another good idea for that?
    The Point is, that I need the Website User to have it as simple as possible.
    So how to have two options (Fileupload and Link-URL) but only one stored Data Field, that consists of only a Link-URL.

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