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Two custom fields with one taxonomy

  • Hello everybody. I have registered a taxonomy for example: «authors». I have two custom fields registered. One of them is «author», which the type of the field is taxonomy (authors). The other taxonomy is called “about another author” and thе type of thе field is taxonomy (authors) too.

    The problem is that when I select the author of an article, the «about another author» custom field (that the article about him) is populated with the value of the “author” custom field.

    How to solve this issue?

    P.S: The name of the taxonomy isn’t «authors». WP did not allow me to use this name.

  • Do you have this taxonomy field set to save and load terms? You cannot have 2 taxonomy fields for the same taxonomy that both use save and load terms.

    If not the above, do your taxonomy fields have the same name? Each field on a post must have a unique name.

  • Hi John! Thanks for the answer.

    Yes for both fields I set save and load terms.
    Both fields have unique name.

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