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Turn Post Creation Into A Series of Questions

  • If it’s out there, I can’t find it. A plugin that allows me to override the default post creation interface, and present a custom-built series of steps, or questions, that help my technologically challenged clients cut through the complexity of creating posts. I have seen this functionality on certain premium themes and plugins, but it always has a very narrow scope of use, and often can’t be easily extended. Optimizepress is the prime example of this.

    If you could create something similar, that allows developers o create an engaging, custom interface for clients who stumble overs the complexities of dealing with too many custom fields on the page at one time (yes, I know about the tabbing functionality, it’s still overwhelming a surprisingly large portion of the time). All this would be is a new interface for posting posts. It would fill all the same fields, and if you could make the styles customizable, so much the better.

    I would pay a good amount for that functionality.

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