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Trying to "tag" posts in order to exclude or "feature" them

  • First of all, not sure how to ask this, so just diving head first.

    I’m trying to “tag” (lack of better word) posts that will allow me to manipulate how and where a given post shows on my site.

    I’m thinking ACF Pro can do this?


    A given post should only show up in its own category and NOT on the front page, even though the main loop on home.php features all the latest entries.

    Simply excluding the category for the post won’t work, as I want other posts from said category to show on the main loop on the front page.

    In fact, publicly tagging or categorizing these posts won’t work, as I don’t want people to necessarily know why it’s excluded (e.g. I don’t want people to see a certain category never shows on the main page)

    Example 2:

    I’d want this to “featured” posts as well. So, some posts I’d like to mark is “featured post” but with no public markings like a certain category, tag or taxonomy.

    My thinking for the two examples is, if I use an ACF with either “featured” or “noshow”, I could somehow run that through the main loop as in “show latest posts apart from any that is tagged with noshow

    Would this work with ACF Pro? Sorry if I’m not being clear.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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