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Trying to get property of non-object (PRO)

  • I’m not sure how much WP Debug Error notices are valued but I get a notice for every ACF call regarding line 160 in (pro version)/api/api-template.php (version 5.0.3):

    if( isset($_GET[‘preview_id’]) )
    $autosave = wp_get_post_autosave( $_GET[‘preview_id’] );
    if( $autosave->post_parent == $post_id )
    $post_id = intval( $autosave->ID );

  • Still the same in 5.1.4.
    Now the error message points at line 2572 in api/api-helpers.php.
    Conclusion: the function “wp_get_post_autosave” can return a boolean value. I think that’s the point.

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