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Custom Post Types vs Taxonomies

  • Hello,

    So so sorry to bother community for a personal problem… and I’ll understand that no one respond for not an specific acf problem. Especially with my English.
    My problem is about custom post types vs taxonomies for the specifics entities of my project. I know that a plugin exists :ACF Post-2-Post, wich will help me if I choose one of the two solutions. Here is my problem :
    A website for a video making agency. A project will either be a photo shoot or a video (format). A project will have one client, one or multiple collaborators, one or multiple skills, one or multiple services.
    For example : Marketing movie for Dior with photos of making of, the client is Dior, 2 collaborators on it, related to corporate movie and corporate photos for the services, and related to 4 skills (filming, film editing, shooting,…).

    I want that projects, collaborators, services, and skills each have a page of description well detailed. I think that Format is the only one to be a taxonomy. And all the others custom post types. But as it is possible to add meta to taxonomies, I don’t know if this choice is the good one (CPT instead of Tax).
    What would you do ?
    Here is a little diagram to understand :
    Custom post types Or Taxonomies ?
    image link – right click, open new tab…

    Thaaaaaaaaaank Youuu !

  • It’s whatever you feel will be more manageable – but perhaps the right answer isn’t one or the other.

    E.g., based on that diagram I would have:
    Projects – CPT
    Format – Select option
    Services – Select option

    Clients – CPT

    Collaborator – CPT (with underlying options)

    Skills – Unsure what you’re doing with this?

    Try and build one example of what you want and then you will be able to figure out the most straightforward result to achieve this.

  • Thanks a lot 🙂
    I want every service and every skill to have its own page to make a lot of textual content for SEO, so I was thinking of using CPT for everything but Format, with links between CPTs to sort them (ACF Post-2-Post plugin probably) … but someone told me that I could use Taxonomies for : Formats, Services, Skills with some meta on it to obtain the same result : description pages with lot of content.

    Skills will provide information about each area of expertise.

  • I would likely go with CPTs for everything the way you have it. I might even consider a CPT for “format” if there is any chance of this having it’s own page, although pages can be made for terms, so that can go either way. CPTs make it easier to create relationships and have pages like you want as well as making it possible to create additional relationships down the road should you need them.

  • Thanks !
    I think the same with the assets of CPT : status (draft,…), date,…
    But I was afraid of the connection between CPTs.
    I’ll try your plugin. Is it still maintained ?

  • With or without the plugin, I’d still be using CPTs simply because there will page pages and content for each of these things. It’s very hard to create a “page” in WP if you don’t have a post or a term where content can be easily edited. The plugin I created is based examples posted on this site and to be honest, there is not much to maintain unless ACF alters the way it stores values for relationship/post object fields, and I don’t see that happening. If you have any problems with it just post an issue on either the WP forum or on github.

  • Ok, thank you both ^^

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