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Trying to Archive Field Group

  • Here is my problem. I have a custom post type “Teachers”, where the custom fields are courses, course files….etc. I want to archive the teachers field group so that when a new semester starts, they can go in and change their custom fields and still have the data(courses, course files, assignments) from the previous semester accessible. Is this possible?

  • If you need to have archive then using fields in a field group may not be the best way. I would look at the possibility of setting up a custom post type for courses and adding a taxonomy for years or semesters and somehow creating a relationship between the teachers and courses. I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated assuming that multiple teachers have access to the same courses. You may need a custom post type for semesters, but I can’t say how all this would work together.

    At any rate, there isn’t any real way to “archive” the values in a field, at least none that I know of.

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