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True/False field with empty value

  • I mentioned in the other thread that I have 300k+ custom taxonomy terms. They are 3 levels deep: country > state > city.

    I want to add a true/false field to be able to use conditional logic and show/hide some other fields.
    Basically, my field will be like ‘IsState’ which is false by default. Then I’ll show/hide other fields depending on it.

    So my question is: I’ll update 2nd level terms manually and set ‘IsState’ to true, not a problem at all. But for 300k 3rd level terms it’ll remain empty. Will ACF still see this as false?

  • If I remember correctly, ACF returns NULL if the field is not set, but you might want to double check me on this.

    Anything like

    if ($isState) {
      // true
    } else {
      // false or NULL

    will be false for either null or false. The main problem with having unset true false fields comes in if you want the default value to be true. If that’s the case then you can do something like this

    if ($isState === NULL || $isState) {
      // true
    } else {
      // false
  • Thanks a bunch, this makes perfect sense.

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