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True/False Field only exists when \"true\"?

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to check to see if a true/false field exists as I am working with custom WP API routes. For some reason though, the true/false field only returns via get_field in an if statement if it is “ticked” i.e true.

    Would you know why this is happening?

  • Exactly how are you checking if it exists or not, some code might be helpful.

  • Hey John,

    Solved my issues, noticed that update_field() does not work unless it exists. Of course, the field does not exist until something is done with it.

    I used the standard update_meta() instead which works fine.

  • When a field does not exist yet when you update it you must use the field key in update_field() rather than the field name. This is mentioned in the documentation

    The field’s key should be used when saving a new value to a post (when no value exists). This helps ACF create the correct ‘reference’ between the value and the field’s settings.

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