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True/false controlling repeater not saving checked

  • I have a true/false field that controls display of a repeater field.

    All of a sudden in the last couple days it has stopped saving. I have even created another instance to try and test.

    In each case when I check this box setting the value to true, the fields show base on the condition, but saving does not keep the fields displayed or keep the box checked.

    any help is super appreciated.

  • the php setting form max_input_vars can cause odd things like this to happen. Try installing this plugin and see if you get an error when submitting

    If that’s not it then you need to start deactivating plugins to see if there’s some incompatibility that causing it.

  • I appreciate the note. In this case there is a total of like 10 fields. A few other items I have tried that did not solve the issue:

    • Deactivating all plugins
    • Rolling back to 5.2.9

    the current solution I am using is to change the “true/false” to a select with a couple options. Its working fine, just weird that its failing randomly now.

  • Another think that can cause issued like this is having two fields with the same name. Just something else to check for.

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