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True/False not working in repeater.

  • I have a repeater. One of the items in the repeater is a True/False field. The field’s name is show_or_hide_job I have the following code inside my repeater while loop:

    	$ShowJob = get_field( 'show_or_hide_job' );
    	echo 'ShowJob: ' . $ShowJob . '<br>';

    On the front end it show just “ShowJob:” with nothing after it. If I move the true/false outside the repeater, it works fine. I really need this working. Thoughts?

  • By the way, I tried Select and Radio Buttons too. They aren’t working in a repeater either. Baffled by this. I have done this before for other projects without issue.

  • The above question is the perfect example of why working till 1:30 in the morning is NOT a good idea. A tired brain does STUPID things. As I was drifting off to sleep it realized since it is in a repeater it is not get_field but get_sub_field. Yeah, DUMB. Anyway disregard this message.

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