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True/false field fron function.php

  • I have some true / false fields of a card, inserting the php code in the template of the page no problem I customized html in order to make an icon and text appear in my template. Instead, I need to use a plugin to insert the php code via function.php so that the fields take that formatting directly without inserting them in the template, is it possible ??

    This is a snippet of my code used in the template

    <?php if ( get_field( 'piscina' ) ): ?>
      <i class="fas fa-swimmer servizi2 iconaserv"></i>
      <p class="servizi2 pad">Piscina
    				<?php else: // field_name returned false ?>
    				<?php endif; // field_name ?>
  • Look at the acf/format_value filter Use a priority >10 for your filter so that it runs after the built in filter.

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