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True / False Conditional Logic – No Toggle Fields Available

  • Trying to add conditional logic to a True / False field that will allow the user to make additional selections based on their True / False selection. However, all I’m getting is “No toggle fields available” and it’s the same for T/F, radio, checkboxes, etc… Everything that seems like it should have toggle fields available for conditional logic (based on what I’ve read elsewhere). Is there something simple I’m missing?

    True / False field showing No toggle fields available

  • A field cannot use itself for Conditional Logic. You would add these rules to dependent fields.

  • I also have the same question: I have 3 fields and one is a True-False field. Based on your selection of True or False how can I show the other 2 fields? Please advise

  • am also have that problem plz help me to solve it

  • Hmm, no one ever answered this? I’m having the same problem. Anyone?

  • It doesn’t work that way, but let’s pretend it did. I have a Boolean (True / False) field called “Show Me” that says if “Show Me” is True, show the field. This means that if “Show Me” is ever switched to False, then it would get hidden… forever (until you dug unto the database, but that’s neither here nor there).

    The Conditional Logic for each field is for showing or hiding THIS field based on input from other fields.

    In a more real world example, I create a few different fields. One called “Background Color”. One called “Background Image”. And one called “Background Video”. Above those three a create a radio button field that is called “Background Type” with the options of color, image, and video. I then add conditional logic to the “Background Color” field that says if “Background Type” is equal to color, show this field. Then I do the same for the other two background fields. You are now hiding unnecessary fields in your editor UI.

  • It was working nice when I last worked 2/3 days ago from now but suddenly I can see that the “Conditional Logic” says ‘No Toggle Field Available”. Is it only from my end or happened for everyone?

    -Thank you.

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