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Trouble with bloc position "high (after title)"

  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for your work with Gutenberg integration!
    I’m now trying it with WP5.0 AND ACF BETA3, it works fine but I need to kept a classic acf field between title and content post (to keep value saved in post_meta and reuse-it on relationship block, or listings for example).
    But it seems it’s not possible to put this block here.
    Am I right or did I miss something ?


  • Ok, sorry I just found the answer in blog blog “night before Gutemberg

    ⚠️ Position “high”
    Due to major changes in the WP 5.0 post edit screen, the “high” position is no longer working. Field groups assigned to this position will not show in Gutenberg and we recommend changing these from “high” to “normal”.

    We will look at solutions for this, but are unsure if it will be possible.

    Hope you’ll find a way !!

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  • I managed to do a quick, dirty and ugly fix for now.
    In advanced-custom-fields-pro\includes\forms\form-gutenberg.php starting from line 89
    switch out the acf.addAction segment for the following:

    acf.addAction('prepare', function(){
    		$('.editor-post-title').after( $('#acf_after_title-sortables').addClass('wp-block m-auto') );
    	, 1000);
    	$(document).on('click','.editor-post-publish-button', function(){
    		if($('#poststuff .postbox-container #acf_after_title-sortables-copy').length){
    			$('#poststuff .postbox-container #acf_after_title-sortables-copy').html(
    			$('#acf_after_title-sortables').clone().attr('id','acf_after_title-sortables-copy').hide().appendTo($('#poststuff .postbox-container'));
    }, 1);
  • I’ve put up a blog post that details this problem and the solution to this a bit more. You can find it here

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