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Trouble Exporting/Importing

  • The process seems simple enough, my website is real simple (2 pages at this stage, about 5 custom fields). I chose export via PHP but on the new website where I uploaded the theme none of the fields show on the page templates I created nor on the custom fields page in the WP back end.

    What do you guys need from me to help me figure this out?

  • Hi @texxs ,

    Thanks a lot for reaching out to us.

    That is completely unexpected.

    Kindly be sure to read this article on how to implement PHP exports and let me know if you get stuck along the way 🙂

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Thanks a lot for trying to help. I’m hoping this plugin will help me transition from freelance web designer into premium WordPress theme maker in the future. undoubtedly I’ve done something wrong. While I’ve been a Web Designer for 20 years I’m still a noob when it comes to this level of WordPress themeing and PHP.
    I’m sure you’ve probably heard all that before sorry, I’ll get on to the issue at hand.

    I read the article you linked to above and it seems that it’s an in-depth article on how to customize the copy and paste code I’m supposed to put in the distributed themes functions.php file. Am I missing something? Am I supposed to be checking that code and making sure it’s proper? Or is it describing a whole other step that I’m missing?


  • Speaking of that, on the export page it says:

    Registered field groups will not appear in the list of editable field groups. This is useful for including fields in themes.

    Is this referring to some step I’ve missed?

  • Hi @texxs

    It means that you won’t see anything on the field groups editor page, but the fields should show up on the location you’ve set. Maybe there’s something wrong with the location rules. Could you please share the PHP export code so I can check it up for you? You can paste the code here:

    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi @texxs

    I’ve just tested it on my end and it’s working great. Could you please tell me the version of ACF on your new website? Also, could you please make sure that you have changed the page template to “page-YouTubeVideo.php”?

    Thanks 🙂

  • Version: 4.4.7

    I’m not sure what you mean by:

    could you please make sure that you have changed the page template to “page-YouTubeVideo.php”?

    The file is already named that, as is the other page template file is named ‘page-localVideo.php’. the pages I created in WordPress with it’s editor are using these page types respectively . . . Is there some setting in ACF that I’m missing?

    I’ll be more than happy to post any code anywhere you’d like, I’ll even give you user name logins for both the dev website and the “live” website… if it’ll help and your willing to look.

  • Hi @texxs

    I’m sorry for the confusion. I meant that don’t forget to set the page template to “page-YouTubeVideo.php” because the field group location rule is set to that template.

    In this case, could you please open a new ticket and provide temporary admin credentials to your site? You can open a new ticket here: Don’t forget to explain your issue and provide the link to this thread in that ticket.

    Thanks 🙂

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