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Treating a Select field as a Category

  • Hey there, have a question about how to query some posts using an ACF select field.

    To give a bit of background, I have users filling out an acf_form to add their businesses (custom post type) to my website. Since it seems that acf_form isn’t able to select a category while creating a new post, I’m using an ACF Select field to ‘categorize’ each business.

    I’d like to be able to access list posts on the front end similar to how you would access posts that are in a category — but I’m a bit stumped on how to do that.

    Any guidance would be great.
    Also, is this even the right way to go about this?

  • A clearer version of this question would be:

    When using acf_form to create new posts, can I use a Select field to categorize a post? In addition to that, is it possible to use field (maybe a text area) to tag posts?

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