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Translation without WPML

  • i have a problem with the translation from the acp_form()

    The WP site from my customer uses an own function for the translation.

    This is the Language-Database

    $x = [];
    $x['id_auto']  = [ 'de' => 'Auto', 'en' => 'Car'];
    $x['id_gross'] = [ 'de' => 'Groß', 'en' => 'Big'];

    in every php file it looks likes this

    The function is simple

    function x_($xid)
        global $x;
        if($_COOKIE['langx'] == 'en') { $x_lang = 'en'; } else { $x_lang = 'de'; }
        return $x[$xid][$x_lang];

    But now he wants the translation even for the acp_form() and he dont want to use WPML.

    Any simple (maybe dirty) ideas how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

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