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Translation with WPML Plugin

  • First of all , I must say ACF is GREAT! I have never come across any weird behaviour with your plugin before.

    I have a custom field called “Product” and a taxonomy called “Productcategory”. I’m using using plugin WPLM to handle translations. This works fine together with ACF.

    BUT when I go into defined field group (that is related to custom post type Product) and click “Make Field Groups translatable.” (swedish = Gör ‘Field Groups’ översättningsbar) it seems to work.

    When I then try add new to add a new product and select any Productcategory (which is a taxonomy for custom post type product) then all custom fields disapears from edit screen. It’s the same issue when I edit a current product. When I click “Publish/Update” then the values from the custom fields are not saved (because they’re not there anymore).

    When I don’t have “Make Field Groups translatable” the fields in editscreen of product doesn’t disappear. (They only disappear when chosing a taxonomy product-category)

    I hope you understand what I mean, but don’t hesitate to ask if you want more info 🙂 I’m using WordPress 4.0.

  • I have almost the same problem.
    I used to have a ACF field group and a copy of that in another language.
    Now the language options suddenly are gone in the settings of the ACF group and both groups appers in posts. But just one of them saves changes I make.

    What has happened? Are all my data lost for the translated ACF Group?

    Wordpress 4.0 + WPML + ACF

  • I have the same problem as mikaelsondell.

  • The WPML support said today:

    ACF is not currently compatible.

    And you should “hack” the database to fix it.

    Draw your own conclusions…

    Edit: The technical background is explained here:

    Summary: WPML 3.1.7+ downloads a remote config from WPML server which currently tells WPML that ACF can not be translated. The update of this remote config is triggered at every after_switch_theme and activated_plugin wordpress action and at custom wpml-actions.

  • for me it was solved when replacing acf+plugins with the ACF Pro. The duplicate option appeared again for the field groups, but I had to make new duplicates. The connections made before was gone.

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