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Translation preferences changes after synchronize with json

  • Problem:
    After synchronize fields with JSON files, the updated fields Translation preferences turns to “copy” mode instead keeping the original option “copy once”.

    How to repeat the issue:
    On localhost update some fields, all with Translation preferences = “copy once”.
    Upload folder /acf-json/ to production server
    On production server Sync fields.
    Result: fields that had Translation preferences = “copy once” became “copy” mistakenly.

    WP 6.0.1
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO Version 5.12.3
    Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 1.4.0
    WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.4

    Thanks for your help

  • You should probably be contacting WPML. Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual belongs to them.

  • You mean “Translation preferences” function comes from WPML and not from ACF PRO?

  • @vueloiv Take a look into the “name” keys of the configured fields.

    WPML stores them into a configuration array like this:

      // 'meta_key' => 'translation option'
      'my_custom_field' => 2 //translate

    If there are fields with the same “name” (meta_keys) the setting will be overwritten.
    Field name in documentation

    I recommend to use unique names

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