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Transients and Flexible Content

  • So I am trying to find things to do in order to speed up my website. As I mainly have logged in users (membership site), I am looking into fragment caching and as I am lazy I want to fragment cache as large portions as possible.

    Good to know is I am no expert at all in caching and I am just starting to look into this. But my goal is to cache my “page editor” output on each page in order to speed up every single page. I use the code found below in order to do this.

    Is this a good solution, or is it bad? If so why, and what can I do instead in order to speed up the website?

    What I am doing is basically I save the whole html output from a flexible content field and save it in a transient (I also delete the transient with acf/save_field when I update a page).

    		$page_editor_cache = get_transient('page_editor_cache_' . get_the_ID());
    		if ( false === $page_editor_cache ):
    			if( have_rows('page_editor') ):
    			     // loop through the rows of data
    			    while ( have_rows('page_editor') ) : the_row();
    			        if( get_row_layout() == 'hero_masonry' ):
    			        	get_template_part('template-parts/components/acf/acf', 'hero_masonry');
    			        elseif( get_row_layout() == 'social_stream_display' ): 
    			        	get_template_part('template-parts/acf-parts/acf', 'social_stream_display');
    			else :
    			$page_editor_cache = ob_get_clean();
    			set_transient( 'page_editor_cache_' . get_the_ID(), $page_editor_cache, DAY_IN_SECONDS );
    		echo $page_editor_cache;
  • There isn’t any reason for you to build your own fragment cache, there are several already available as plugins. There is one built by me in there, but I won’t plug just that one. If you did want to build you’re own fragment cache many of the plugins in that list wold be a good place to start looking at how others have done it. There are also several good tutorials on creating a fragment cache for WordPress

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