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  • Is there a way to track downloads of a file when using the AFC file field?

    All of the download monitor plugins seem to require using the default WP file field or their own custom one.

    We simply want to know how many times someone downloaded/view a PDF file during a particular timeframe.

  • Not without building a custom script to do the counting. This is how monitoring downloads works.

    When the URL of the file is output to the page, instead of the actual URL of the file like something like this is used for the url where 123 is the ID of the file to be downloaded. Of course these are not the actual urls or they could look significantly different.

    The special URL is for a script or function of some kind on the site that counts the download and then returns the actual file with all the correct headers.

    It might be possible to “cheet” this, depending on the file download monitor plugin that you using by seeing how it outputs the URLs for files to be downloaded and counted and then using the same URL structure when outputting the links to the files in ACF fields.

  • Thanks for the response John!

    I will explore the cheat method and if not, will use Event Tracking with Google Analytics.

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