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ToolBar / TinyMCE not showing on

  • we just updated the plugin and was surprised that some of the fields has gone bad. No toolbar and tinyMCE visible on wysiwyg field

  • Here’s what it looks now and its settings as well

  • Hi @wdoutjah

    Your screenshots show that you have a JS error on the page which is preventing the WYSIWYG field to load.

    Can you open your console log and check for JS errors?


  • I am having the same problem – I checked the console log and it does look like something is preventing the wysiwyg field from loading. It looks like this:

    TypeError: tinyMCE.settings is undefined
    body = $(editor.getBody() );

    TypeError: editor.getBody is not a function
    body = $(editor.getBody() );

    I’m not super advanced in javascript, so I was wondering if there is an easier way of fixing this issue? Or thoughts on what could be preventing the wysiwyg field from loading?

    Thanks, your help is much appreciated!

  • Hi @alaena

    The line:

    TypeError: tinyMCE.settings is undefined

    Shows that the tinyMce is not available. Have you turned off the WYSIWYG toolbar for your user?

  • Hi elliot,
    Technically, no, I didn’t have the WYSIWYG toolbar turned off. HOWEVER, I am using a separate plugin called “CKEditor” to replace the default wordpress toolbar.

    As soon as I turned the CKEditor off, success! Now the WYSIWYG toolbar displays properly.

    I’m assuming it’s just a matter of the two plugins conflicting with each other? B/c the ACF custom fields plugin is probably connected to the default toolbar specifically?

    Thanks for your help and quick response!

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