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Titles for sections of repeater fields

    • bbr13

    • May 2, 2020 at 10:09 am

    I need to display a frontend form and I think to use ACF repeater.
    The form must allow the user to create several main parts with repeater inside each one.
    I think I can use nested repeater ACF but I didn’t found out how to configure the header of each part. It is like a table of content and I must propose to set each title and each subtitle. A table of content without title looks like nothing…
    I don’t know if ACF can o that but it would be great!

  • Hey Bruno,

    You could indeed use a nested repeater. Each row of the repeater would contain a text title field, a subtitle text field and a nested repeater.

    One other solution that might offer you more flexibility, is the flexible content field.

    This allows you to create section blocks, a “table” block could contain a title, a subtitle and a repeater.

    I hope this helps, Dan

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