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Title for collapsed rows when using item clone

  • I have a repeater with a clone item that is a field group with the following options:

    1. In fields I select ‘All fields from <Name> field group’
    2. I choose Layout : Row.
    3. Under Collapsed, I can only select the clone item field

    As that has no content apart from the clone fields, it displays empty rows.

    Are there any other workarounds apart from adding every item from the field group as a clone into the repeater?

  • Addendum: Whilst adding individual group items as clones in the repeater allow the selection of fields under Collapsed, collapsed rows do not display anything.

  • You can try:
    Leave the clone in the repeater as it is, to show the clone field when collapsed

    In the field group that you are cloning add the class “-collapsed-target” to the field(s) that you want shown when collapsed.

    Not sure if this will work. But this is how you can get multiple fields to be shown when collapsed in a repeater without clones. You set one field to show when collapsed and then add this class to other fields you also want shown.

  • @hube2,
    Thanks, that worked perfectly.

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