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TinyMCE views, shortcodes etc.

  • Hello, this is probably very future-maybe or just think-about feature request. It came to my mind, when I saw this repo: . I can totaly imagine, how this would be awesome combined with ACF, because it targets the same group of people. It’s also about making WP admin easier for users.
    I can totaly imagine, how i have those nice “shortcodes” wraped in the nice, styled TinyMCE view and on “edit” or “add” screen, I have modal with all the powers of ACF.
    Non-technical users could finaly forget, how to parse those crazy shortcode parameters, or even forget about shortcodes at all.

    It’s just something, that came to my mind. I realize, that this would not be easy and it maybe deserves more discussion or maybe even separate plugin… Just for you to have something to think about 🙂

  • Hi Jakub,
    Thanks a bundle for the bundle.
    I will pass the recommendation to the developer for consideration.

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