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TinyMce toolbox flickering

  • Hi,
    An annoying issue just occurred after updating to WP 5.0.3.

    After placing image to a wysiwyg editor and trying to click edit button, the toolbox starts to flicker on hover, making the clicking impossible. Same thing when trying to add a link, all the edit functions are out of use because of the hover flickering effect.

    I suppose this is Gutenberg related issue since installing the classic editor fixes the issue.

    I did some research and issue seems to be related to a .tinymce-container, which seems to get display:none on hover.

    This was not an issue before updating the 5.0.3.

  • Hi, i am having the exact same issue, but only in Chrome and IE/Edge, it works fine in Firefox. I have multiple sites with Gutenberg and ACF wysiwyg editor fields, and the problem is present on all of the sites with WP 5.0.3

    My clients cant edit links in the wysiwyg fields when the popup link editor just blinks like crazy when you hover over the buttons in the popup.

    Has anyone found a fix to this problem?

  • I have updated to WordPress 5.1
    Updated to ACF Pro 5.7.12.
    Remove all other plugins.

    The issue is still here.

  • @eikeland

    The only way i have been able to solve the problem was to install Classic editor plugin.
    I’m seeing some sort of conflict between Gutenberg and ACF, but hoping ACF team to confirm it.

    Best wishes,

  • @mikkor We have multiple sites that has the problem, and going back to classic editor plugin is a big hassle since our clients have been trained in Gutenberg now.

    We have opened a ACF Pro support ticket, and if they cant help us out soon we have to install that plugin.

    It seems it’s a TinyMCE bug since the issue was present is WP version 4.9.8 also

    I have also reported the bug there.

    Lets hope we find a solution soon.

  • I found a crude fix by just adding 101% height to the body in Chrome and IE browsers in the edit post page.

    It works for now

  • Cool thing. Thank you for “the crude fix”. It works still.

  • See also:

    In my case the bug only presents when I have scrollbars set to always show in OS X, as described in that GiHub issue. When scrollbars are set to show “Automatically based on mouse or trackpad” there is no flickering.

    Until the fix finds its way into WP core that might be a workaround if you are on OS X.

  • I’m having this issue now! In my case it happens when clicking the link edit button in the wysiwyg field (I’m using it in a custom block) from the side panel edit. The link edit dialogue box is prevented from popping up because it’s trying to align to the left of the wysiwyg input, but since it’s too wide it just flickers.

    If you make a link that’s towards the right of the input, it loads the pop way in the middle of the screen. But if you try linking text along the left side of the input, it just flickers. It doesn’t do it in the main edit screen though.

    I’m on WP 5.7, in Mac Chrome, ACF v. 5.9.5.

    I do not have my scrollbars set to always show (although I love it, it’s very buggy imo).

  • Facing this issue from now , any idea that how to resolve it ?

  • Gutenberg add on is not required if you are using ACF Pro, remove the add on.

  • I have not knowledge about ACF, But it is interesting, I will try to collect information about it…

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