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TinyMce and ACF PRO 5.0.4

  • hi everyone,

    having problems with the default tinymce editor.
    once ACF has been activated, the advanced controls button has gone missing:

    before activating acf

    after activating acf

    i’m using wordpress 3.9.1.
    any suggestions?


  • Hi @imarkimage

    Thanks for the bug report. I have a feeling that the RTL settings have modified the ACF tinymce toolbars.

    I’ll do some testing with RTL and get back to you soon

  • Hi @imarkimage

    I have just found and fixed a bug with the WYSIWYG field which I have a feeling may also fix this issue too.

    Can you please download the attached file and override the forms/post.php file?


  • Elliot,

    Seems to have fixed the problem.
    Still, when having ACF WYSIWYG field together with the default editor, disables it’s advanced controls.

    Thank you!

    – Ido

  • Hi @imarkimage

    Is the problem solved? I’m a bit confused. What iss did I solve, and what issue is still occuring?

    please describe it and perhaps attach some more screenshots to demonstrate?

  • @Elliot

    The problem was partially solved, I’ll explain.
    Before the fix you sent, the problem occurred as soon as ACF was activated, meaning, even when no WYSIWYG field was present, the editor’s advanced controls were missing.

    Now, the problem only occurs when I add the WYSIWYG field and leave the default editor as well:

    This is the ACF WYSIWYG field:

    And this is the default editor:

    As soon as I’ll remove the WYSIWYG field – the advanced controls are back.


  • Hi @imarkimage

    Thanks for the info. Can you please provide login details for me to have a look?


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  • Hi @imarkimage

    Thanks for the login.

    I just added a WYSIWYG field to the posts post_type and the WYSIWYG renders correctly for both the standard the_content and AF fields.

    Have I misunderstood the issue, or has it resolved itself?
    Please also update to the latest version of ACF PRO when possible.


  • Hi @Elliot Condon

    You confused the_content with another ACF field, the default editor was removed by me in functions.php.

    Attached is another screenshot after I got it back:

    – Ido

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