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timepicker and timezone

  • I need to display event CPTs limited by date (today) and time (event is now running).
    To do so, I’m using a meta query comparing

    • a date picker field to date(‘Y-m-d’)
    • a start time picker field to date(‘H:i:s’)
    • an end time picker field to date(‘H:i:s’)

    To be able to use local server time correctly, I need to add date_default_timezone_set(“Europe/Berlin”) before doing php date / time camparisons.

    However, as soon as this is added, all ACF time / date fields start displaying and calculating as UTC time, i.e. a meta entry of 12:15:00 in the database is displayed as 11:15:00 using ACF template functions.

    Even doing ridiculous stuff like
    $starttime = date('H:i:s', strtotime( get_field( 'event_starttime' ) ) );
    doesn’t seem to help.

    Is there an easy way to solve this without having to dive into (to me) incomprehensible and overcomplicated (again, to me) DateTimeImmutable or datefmt_format stuff?

  • You cannot use date_default_timezone_set() when working with WP. There was a change in WP 5.3 that broke the use of this function.


  • Ahhh, that explains a lot of weird stuff that had been going on.
    Thanks a lot for pointing it out, completely missed this!
    (It might be useful if this was somehow even passingly mentioned here, IMHO)

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