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Thumbnail preview of images view

  • Hi.

    I previously had thumbnail previews working fine for image or gallery fields. However, I changed my thumbnail size via functions.php and regenerated all the thumbnails via the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin. This worked fine for the front-end of the site i.e. the new thumbnails display fine on the pages themselves but in image or gallery fields I can now only get a full view (which often doesn’t fit in the space I’ve allocated these fields).

    I’ve tried re-saving the page, toggling around the preview size of the custom field then setting it back to thumbnail etc. and no luck. This also effects all new images I upload, not just previously uploaded ones.

    If it helps, the code I used in functions.php was:

    if ( function_exists( 'add_theme_support' ) ) {
    	add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
            set_post_thumbnail_size( 150, 100 );

    Any ideas?

  • Ah… It would seem that my thumbnails are not being pulled through OK to the front end after all. The plugin seems to be generating the thumbnails without issue but they’re not being pulled through to ACF :/

    The plot thickens… All I know is it was working fine before I changed the thumbnail size but even if I delete the addition to my functions file and try generating a fresh set of thumbnails, it still doesn’t work!

  • Hi @NatHobson

    Perhaps run the regen tool again making sure you regenerate ALL images and all crop sizes. Then edit your field group, and resave our image / gallery field with the correct preview size selected.


  • Well this is driving me mad now, I’ve spent hours on this and can’t figure it out for the life of me! I’m ruling out ACF as I can see the thumbnail files are not being recreated correctly.

    If I run the site locally, everything is fine. If I run it off the live server, the plugin will say it’s generated all the thumbnails without any issue but I can see no thumbnails in the uploads folder. Naturally, I’d assume it was an issue with the server. However, I’ve got several other sites of the server creating thumbnails with no issue and even this same site was creating them without issue before I changed the thumbnail size.

    I’ve tired many combinations of permissions just in case but no joy (even blanked 777 on the whole WordPress installation just to test).

    I’ve tried several other plugins to rule that particular one out (even though I’ve got it running fine on other sites) and none of them worked either. Driving me a big mad as I’m out of ideas now.

    Any help appreciated although I realise this is no longer an AFC issue!

  • Hi @NatHobson

    If the issue is related to permissions, then I would definitely contact your web host, because there could be an incorrect user group on the file that creates the cropped image sizes.

    Let me know what you find out from them.


  • To anyone having this issue, I thought I’d post back my fix after doing lots of research!

    It turns out my server didn’t have the GD library installed (discovered after creating a phpinfo.php file). GD library is responsible for all image manipulation within WordPress – resizing and cropping for example. I contacted my host who installed the library. It’s not too difficult to do it yourself but if you’re running WHM on your server, you’ll need to rebuild PHP and Apache, which I was more comfortable leaving to my host (there’s several of our websites on this server).

    Hope that helps someone!

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