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ThreeWP Broadcast + ACF + repeater field

  • Hi there.

    I’m using ACF with the ThreeWP Broadcast plugin to clone my posts from my main site to other children sites.

    Everything gets propagated properly. All fields broadcast across the children sites but on the front end, only the main site shows the images but the children sites don’t loop through the repeater fields.

    After testing, the loop does work with the “if get_field” bit, but it’s the inner “while have_sub_field” part that doesn’t read the repeat fields.

    I’ve already posted this on the ThreeWP Broadcast forums but I assume it’s an ACF conflict.

    Any orientation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hi @diegoquintana

    The first place to look is the wp_postmeta table. Please make sure that after you ‘broadcast’ your data, that the old and new table data match up correctly.

    If all the postmeta data exists, the issue is most likely a mismatch in the reference value.

    Each time you save a value (repeater field), ACF also saves a ‘reference’ from the value back to the field that saved it. This can be seen as an underscored version of the value.

    On your 2nd site, it is possible that your repeater field has a different key as your first site. This mismatch would prevent the repeater field from loading all the data correctly for the has_sub_field while loop.

    Check your 2 sites and edit the field groups, tick the screen option to show the field keys and check that they are the same. If not, you will need to copy / replace the field in the DB to make sure the keys are the same


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