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Third display option besides 'row' and 'table'.

  • Hello, I’ve purchased Flexible Content Field and I’m considering updating to ACF PRO Developer.

    I’ve got a problem with the display options ‘row’ and ‘table’. They never seem to fit what I want, ideally I would like something like ‘simple’ option that would be rendered something like:

    <h3>Label (if it's filled)</h3>
    <div>The field</div>

    Reason is I usually don’t fill the Label of the field, it is self describing (from placeholders or from context). Imagine block like “Contrasted block with header”. I don’t need the labels for two fields content and header, they just take space from UI, so I leave them empty.

    If I leave the labels empty the row and table options still takes the space either vertically or horizontally cluttering the otherwise nice UI.

    Thank you!

  • I purchased the v5, this was fixed in ACF pro v5. New option in ACF pro v5 is called “block”.

    Thank you!

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