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the_field() only displays once

  • I’ve used ACF before, so I am bit surprised why this doesn’t work.
    Basically, I’ve created a custom field called 'external_link' as slug and used the following code to display it on the page and it shows on the page whatever was inserted in the field.

    <h2><?php the_field('external_link'); ?></h2>

    However, when in the same group, i’ve created a second field, also a URL field, I called the slug 'abouttwo' and used the very same code: <h2><?php the_field('abouttwo'); ?></h2> and whatever information is placed there does not show up on my page. As I said, they are in the same group and have the same behaviour.

    Does anyone know what causes this?

  • If everything is as you say then there is no reason it should not be working.

    Except may some type of cache that is showing old data.

    Double check your work?

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