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the_field empty on newly created posts

  • I first created all the fields, and published some articles and everything is showing up nicely.

    I than removed some custom fields, and created a new post. but it seems that one field in particular which was an image field did not want to show on the new posts.

    Is there a know bug?

    What i have done to resolve it as im still in development stage of the site im working on is to create a new field and re-attach all images. And it now works on existing posts and newly created ones.

    Also is there a way to clean up the database on these removals of non existing fields?

    Many thanks for your help

  • Hi @SmileyWar

    Thanks for the topic. Can you please provide a clear step by step description of how to replicate the issue? I’m a bit lost as to what happened.


  • Hi im also having the same problem….

    i’ve added a custom field to a category section and the field shows up in admin and i add data to the field but its not showing on front end. I’ve used all of these examples to make it work

    here is an image of the set up in the admin

    here is the code im trying

  • It’s hard to explain in detail, as it happend while creating and updating many things at the same time.

    I thought it would have been a common experience that you have noticed. Thanks for your help.

    Do you have a response towards the second question, if the fields that have been removed, if they could be cleaned up in the database?

    Because in the post meta i can not find a pattern to easily search for the fields. As i don’t remember the exact field names anymore.

    Anyway thx, have a good weekend.

  • Hi guys

    To answer @edesignerz question, you need to provide the get_field function with the correct $post_id parameter to load data form a taxonomy term.

    You can all about this here:


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