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The new supportforums ranking-funktion

  • Hi @Elliot

    How you doing? Its truly great to see how your plugin has grown and I keep recommending it and using it in basically all of my projects! 🙂

    I’m currently trying to engage in the swedish official WordPress support-site. It’s sadly down atm due to lack of engagement and sponsors but we’re trying to bring it back up! One thing that’s come up is adding some sort of reward/solution system to the forums. I recommended we checked out some existing solutions out there and this sites came up.

    I think I might’ve asked you this before.. I know you’re using buddypress for the forum (right?) but what about the ranking/set solution system? Is that custom built or an addon to buddypress?

    Grateful for some info!
    // Jonathan de Jong

  • Hi @Jonathan

    The ranking system for this site is custom, but very easy.
    I used ACF to add a number field to each user. Then some basic jQuery / AJAX to increase this user score when a topic is marked as solved.


  • Hi @elliot

    Ah okay. Sounds simple enough 🙂 What about the topic-marking (solved, solving etc.)? Is that a custom piece of code too? Seeing as You’d need to get the status of the post as well as the “solved my question” post saved into the database and retrieved on page load.

  • Hi @Jonathan

    Yep. A simple checkbox for each topic would solve this.


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