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The logic behind conditional logic :)

  • When I only have 1 AND condition like this it works perfectly:


    But when I do the same trick again and add an OR like this it doesn’t work anymore:


    I believe this is the correct way to add an OR statement right?

    I need to have like this:

    Contition X AND Y…… OR condition A AND B…. OR…. and so on.

    So love this stuff 🙂

  • I think it has to do with the logic

      field 1 does not equal XXX AND field 2 == 1
      field 1 does not equal YYY AND field 2 == 1

    if field 1 equals YYY then the first statement is true. If field 1 equals XXX then statement 2 is true. The field will always be shown.

    if yo want this field to be hidden for any of the possible values in field 1 then what you need is

    if field 1 != XXX AND field 1 != YYY AND field 2  == 1
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