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The KEY is replaced by the label on publishin the ACF group

  • Hi,

    I’m using ACF Pro for quite some times now, and recently I encountered a recurrent problem that I can’t solve by myself

    The problem comes from le KEY field, when I’m a adding a new field, the key is correctly generated (with a uniqid) ie: field_559bc732c584c

    But when I publish my new ACF group all the keys will be replaced with the corresponding field label (or at least a slug of the field label, “Test” will become “test), the problem, is that the key is no longer unique (many field have the same labels)

    Am I the only one to encounter this kind of problem ?

    I tested with a fresh install, no theme, no plugin (WP 4.2.3 & 4.2.2). I don’t have the problem with the regular ACF (not pro)

  • I’m not seeing this in my installation of ACF.
    Do you have any ACF add on plugins from the WP repo installed?
    What are they?

  • None, fresh install, only ACF Pro 5.2.7 installed and activated :-/

  • Woops neverming, the problem comes from my theme and an automatic slug update on wp_insert_post_data.. My bad.

    Anyway thanks John Huebner for taking a look.

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