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The gallery uses full size images as thumbnails

  • Hello there.

    On the back-end it always bothered me that the plugin uses full size images when displaying the gallery.

    Wordpress generates 150×150 thumbnails for each picture. Why do we have to load fullsize images on the backend? Since they are cropped with css + overflow hidden to look like thumbnails.

    I don’t get it.

    Maybe there’s some wacko somewhere that disabled the 150×150 size.

    That size is needed for the wp media library. Disabling it would be pretty dumb. I’m sure most wp users don’t do such thing. Why can’t you use them?

  • I think you should look into your filters/plugins because I just checked a post with a gallery on my site and it does NOT show the full image with me.

    It does show the medium size images, shown as a resized image (max 148 high).

  • I don’t use medium size since i don’t need it for anything, i save several GB of storage doing this.

    I only use 150×150 and real size.

    I guess the suggestion is to fallback to thumbnail if medium doesn’t exist and only then to full size.

  • Medium is a WordPress default size.

    The fallback is indeed the full size, if the appropriate file does not exist/is not available.

    But there might be (not sure) ACF filters in play which can manipulate this.

  • It would be cool but since the problem is my own fault i won’t peruse any change, thanks for the answer.

  • Sorry that I can’t bring you a ‘definitive solution’.

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