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The future stability of ACF?

  • I was just about to purchase ACF Pro when I came across the bit of knowledge that ACF is created, updated, and maintained by one person, Elliot Condon (cheers for creating this awesome plugin all by yourself!).

    If, for some reason, something were to happen to Elliot Condon and he is incapacitated or no longer with us (I pray that doesn’t happen!), what will happen to ACF? Will development and support cease to exist? Is there something in place that will ensure ACF will continue if such a thing were to happen?

    I can see using ACF extensively in my future website builds, but worry that I will have to rework all of those sites if the worse-case scenario were to happen. I am just looking for assurance that ACF will remain a staple for years to come.

  • This is probably something that you should ask the Elliot directly

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