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Text fields – allow or disallow HTML?

  • Hello, I am starting on a new site with ACF Pro and wondering where the option to allow HTML or disallow HTML has been moved on text fields?

    Text Fields
    I do not see the drop down to allow HTML

    Text Areas
    The drop down I see for New Lines does not mention HTML. Does this mean HTML is enabled by default?

  • Hi @stormlux

    Yes, this setting has been removed, and HTML will render as default.
    If you wish to prevent HTML from being rendered, you can use a function like so:

    $value = get_field('field_name');
    $value = htmlspecialchars($value, ENT_QUOTES);
  • Hi,

    I’m trying to use the ‘Text Area’ field to inject various scripts.

    Each time I save the wp page hosting the field, the html markup including <script> tags gets removed from the field in the backend wp page.

    Is there a way to resolve this? Or a diferent field that I sohould be using?

    Thanks in advance!

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