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Text component system with ACF possible?

  • Hi,

    is it possible to build a text component system with ACF – I have ACF Pro.

    Two custom post types are to be created. One for the articles, but in which the regular block editor is not really used. Below the editor of the articles it should be possible to integrate the components from the other CPT, whose articles only contain short paragraphs and a few images. In the frontend, the page then looks like it is made of one piece, one article.

    In the backend, the mutual relationship should be visible in the singles of both CPTs. So under the Editor of the single article, should be shown up the included components and under the editor of single components, the articles in which these are integrated. The items should be clickable on both sides, so that one comes in the backend quickly to the connected elements of of the respective other CPT.

    In addition, the components should be movable in the order, but that is probably the least of the problems, as I know ACF.

    Overall, the idea is to maintain the text modules only in one place and reuse them multiple times. Think of it as a kind of FAQ system.

    Could something like this be realized with ACF? Does anyone have any tips on how to make this happen?

    Thanks in advance! If I posted in the wrong subforum, please move it. I have not found another place for conceptual questions.

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