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Text Area Field outputs HTML tags

  • Hi all!

    I have an issue that I can’t figure out and it is driving me nuts.

    I created a Field Group with 8 fields. 2 of those fields I wanted separate lines of text so I used a Text Area field type. I set the Text Area types to “Automatically add paragraphs”.

    When the text is outputted in the front end it displays the <p> tags. I have tried the Wysiwyg Editor with the same output of the HTML tags on the front end.

    What’s strange is one field using the Wysiwyg editor displays perfectly, while another displays the HTML tags.

    Here’s an image of the custom fields in the post editor:

    The custom fields in the post

    The top image is in the post editor. The top section of that image is using Wysiwyg, the bottom section is using the Text Area. No matter which field type I use on the bottom I get the same output.

    The bottom image is the output on the webpage. The top section (Scientific Name) outputs correctly using the Wysiwyg editor. The bottom section (Description) outputs the <p> tags using either Text Area or Wysiwyg editor.

    I’m puzzled why one works fine and one doesn’t with the same exact settings.

    Any ideas why this might be happening? TIA!

  • I have a few ideas on why, but to be sure, can you please post your code that is displaying both the working and non-working fields please.

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