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Term Field & Posts Fields rewrites eachother

  • Hello i have a problem. I have two custom taxonomy named “Album” & “Interpret”.

    In “Album” is a custom field named “Interpret” type “Taxonomy”. The selected Taxonomy is “Interpret”. One Term has the ID 345. A post in my WordPress has the same ID. And there is a custom field named “interpret” type Taxonomy linked to “Interpret” too.

    If i change the content of the filed in the post it changed the term with the same id too.

  • What version of ACF are you using (4 or 5)?

    I tried testing this in 5, there is always a post ID and Term ID that match in WP, at least on a fresh install. Though I’m not sure my test is good as it would be extremely difficult for me to get what you have.

    First step is to deactivate other plugins and/or switch themes to see if the problem goes away. If that fixes it let us know where the conflict is and we can try to help. If that does not fix the problem then submit a new support ticket

  • Hello John,

    i use Version 5.5.10 ACF Pro.

    If tried it on a fresh install. There is the same problem.

    If i change the term with the same ID like the post, the post entry will be overwritten. If i change the post, the term will be overwritten.

  • How can you have a post id and a term id that are both 345 on a fresh install?

    Did you try deactivating other plugins? Did you try this on one of the 20XX themes?

  • In the new install it was 14 and 14.

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